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It Takes Three !

Dernière mise à jour : 7 juin 2021

Hi all, Here's hoping everyone is well and looking forward to getting back out there: either on the stage or in front of it. It is high time! We can now present you the last of the productions from the Wade household this year - probably Following The Lockdown Sessions, The Night Walkers - Walkin' With Friends, Cookin' At Home , It Takes Three .... To Swing The Blues. Marion Wade - piano Jack O Roonie - double bass Roger C. Wade - vocals / harmonica This one is firmly in the tradition of Memphis Slim / Willie Dixon, with lots of piano boogie, blues and superb bass! We are particularly happy that our pal Jack is front and centre of these recordings - haven't heard a bass played like that and sounding that good for a LONG time. We also managed to persuade our friends Max and Veronica to join us for one guest track. Always wonderful to hear their pre-war style and energy - thanks guys! If anyone would like to buy a copy, drop me, Marion or Jack a line and we will be glad to send you one. €10 plus shipping. Total in Germany of €12, for example. This CD swings hard, illustrating the piano skills of our very own German Blues Awards nominee 2021 for Best Piano Player as well as the sonorous sounds of that big doghouse bass. And I'm on it too.... Stay well

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