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Jack O Roonie is team up with James Harman and Shakedown Tim for a upcoming tour in Mai & June 2020

James Harman (USA)

James Harman (1946, Anniston Alabama USA), full service bluesman since 1962, harmonica player, singer and songwriter can be booked in Europe with Shakedown Tim and Jack O roonie on Double bass from mid-May to 9 June 2020.

Music journalist Tony Russell described Harman as an "amusing songwriter and an excellent, unfussy blues harmonica player". James Harman is the real deal. As a child he learned to sing in church and in the evening as a minor he already sneaked in juke joints to see, for example, Little junior Parker at work. He breathes and lives the southern blues tradition and he is one of the last direct links with the first generation of blues artists. This master storeller can often be very fascinating and sometimes funny when he’s talkin’ about his colaborations with.

Since 1962 he has recorded 34 albums, has won numerous awards, has toured in 29 countries.  He’s the harmonica player on the ZZ Top albums. James Harman with ZZ Top at the BBC, later ... with Jools Holland:

In the late 60s he was brought to California by Canned Heat and in no time became one of the leading artists of the blues scene in California and a little bit later he conquered the rest of the world. He is a very good banld leader, the most renowned West Coast blues musicians are always in line to work with him. For example, Hollywood Fats, Junior Watson, Kid Ramos, Gene Taylor, Nathan James ... and since a few years he has often collaborated with Shakedown Tim. He is also the producer of Shakedown Tim’s album on Rhythm Bomb Records London: “Shakedown’s Th’owdown”  

His latest album "Liquor parking" receives, like all his previous albums, very good reviews, nominations and awards ...

Line up:

James Harman: vocals & harmonica

Shakedown Tim (ielegems): guitar, vocals

Jack O Roonie: upright bass

Koen Van Peteghem: drums   

Ilias Scotch: piano

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